Project description "Ecoturism in lunca joasa a Prutului inferior"

The project was signed on 29th December 2011 between the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism as Tourism Intermediate Organism, on behalf of and for the Managing Authority for Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 and Frumusita administrative-territorial unit, as beneficiary.

The main goal of the project is to recognize the inferior Prut river lower medow  area as a touristic destination and to include it in the romanian and foreign tourist circuits. Also, through the touristical promoting and increasing of the area visibility, the cities from this area will become a magnet for the investors in order to develop the tourism businesses.

The overall objective is to promote ecotourism and the natural resources of the lower meadow of the inferior Prut river in order to increase visibility and development of the tourism in the region through the development of specific marketing activities.

Our project will help promote Romania as touristic destination to foreign tourists by promoting the natural resources of this area, which implicitly contribute to the development of domestic tourism.